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What is a Gourmet?

Shunyamurti has taught that this signifier comes from (and this is a deep secret of our lost historical reality) guru-mayi, the mother guru. The Mother Guru would give the perfect food to Her children.

It was the fact that she was in touch with cosmic consciousness that enabled her to give the absolutely perfect food for every stage of the child’s life. Breast milk was the first perfect food; the second perfect food is what she cooks. Sat Yoga’s Guru-Mayi cuisine is the science of continuing the eternal art of offering perfect food that is absolutely accurate for every stage in one’s life. Gourmet food can only be prepared by a guru-mayi. In ancient India, one of the renowned gurus of cooking was the ecstatic beloved of the divine avatar Krishna. Her name was Radha.

One of ancient outposts of the gods of Sat Yuga was in what is now France; a place of meeting of different kingdoms where they would create feasts to celebrate new marriages and new dynasties; the original chefs were great alchemical gurus preparing food for the gods. This tradition became centered in France after fall of Egypt. That is why there is a legend that Jesus did not die on the cross. Instead, he went with his family to France, because that’s where the food of the gods prepared by the virgin mother guru was waiting for him.

Gourou is old French for guru and from that comes the current term gourmet. Those enjoying the labors of the Gouru-ma, who found Her food irresistible, became known as gourmands. This is the original etymology. To gourmandise is to eat of the food of Gourou Ma. Because it was so delectable, they became gluttons, and that is why the word gourmet today is often associated with overeating and conspicuous consumption. It is a symptom of the fall of man.

A Sat Yoga guru-mayi (gourmet) meal involves the following levels:

- The level of the idea (it is when people say: “I never thought of that!” It is the capacity to think. It is the beautiful idea of the food that makes someone happy, that brings a spark to the mind, the joy of pure play!).

- The level of preparation: the care, love and mental concentration, the loving attention to detail, product of the lightning flash of inspiration on the higher path of spiritual realization  (barakah).

- The level of ingredients: choosing the widest range of ingredients, exploring each one, choosing healthy and gorgeous ingredients, and knowing how to prepare them in the most beautiful and healthful way.

Gourmet does not mean upper class, arrogant, expensive, overpriced, conspicuous consumption, bourgeois, wasteful, waste of time, nor frivolous.

After the disappearance of the gods, the gourmet chefs became the monks, who always cooked in the remembrance of God, and in preparation for the return of God to Earth. Gregor Mendel, a monk, was a gourmet who, like most monks, grew food in the monastery garden as a sacred act. He approached his work scientifically in order to produce the best peas. His work led to his discovery of genetic mutation, which has become the basis of general evolutionary science. A Gourmet is a food scientist, discovering how to create the most pure food: genetically pure, tastefully pure, healthfully pure– that has traditionally been the science of preparing and eating food. A gourmet is a guru of food, a sacred scientist of holy communion with the products of Divine Nature, the life-giving food of the gods.

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