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“Hobbit a Second Breakfast?!”

Raw, Alkaline, Vegan, and Vegetarian Mid-Day Meals from Around Middle Earth

Our Breakfast class is one of the most popular we offer at Frodo and Radha’s kitchen. Now, in honor of all you Hobbits out there in the Shire of Costa Rica, we are offering a class in the favorite meal of all Hobbits: Second Breakfast! (Of course, all you elves and gnomes are welcome, too, and you can think of this as a brunch, or even lunch, class. Humans would even make dinners out of these recipes! But don’t tell the Hobbits that, so they won’t use their ring of power to make themselves invisible…)

And since Gandalf will soon be moving us to the Misty Mountains, this may be our last cooking class here at the Bag End institute. Of course, even more magical cooking classes will be offered at our new home near Rivendell, at the Arunachala Ashram. But you will have to get past the Orcs of Cerro de Mordor, to get there!

Now, as to this extraordinary class in gustatory satisfaction, it will include everything but vegan roast mutton! You will be able to cook the second breakfast of champions, with enough energy boost to leap over the great wall of Gondor! But if you are of the more sedentary variety of halflings, like us, you will appreciate the feeling of wholesome fullness that these ancient recipes from all parts of Middle Earth will give you. Let’s face it: After that first strong cup of morning miruvore and lembas has worn off, it’s the second breakfast that keeps you sustained and topped up with fuel to hold you the entire day (or at least until first lunch).

In this class, we will master the art of preparing rapturously delicious dishes even from the old human areas, such as Indonesia, China, the Caribbean, the Maghreb, and more. With each recipe, you will also learn a new cooking technique (or refine an old one!), and internalize the superb aesthetic principles behind plating a beautiful dish of gourmet comestibles.

Beyond that, you will receive a pocketful of new ideas for meals that can be applied to second breakfasts, luncheons, or fine dinners, and as always, we will include some raw dishes, plus an assortment of vegan, vegetarian and alkaline options. It’s like having a second ring of power! (Just make sure Gollum isn’t following you.)

Sign up today!

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Cost: 47,500 colones general, 45,000 colones Sat Yoga enrolled students

Please call or email Radha´s Kitchen Staff asap to save your space for this class.

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