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Radha´s recipe videos from recent cooking classes.

Hierba Buena & Cacao Bean Batido

Hierba Buena and Cacao Bean Batido

Time: est. 10 mins. Type: Blended Drink Difficulty: 1 (of 5) Quick, Easy, Nutritious & Delicious batidos are commonly enjoyed largely throughout Latin America but is a global delight as well! This particular batido has numerous health benefits and is equally as tasty! Enjoy as … Read More

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Ingredients: 4 huge handfuls of fresh spinach (as we used in class) whole milk, (About ¼ cup) 2 large onion 6 garlic cloves Ghee Olive oil 1 tsp. crushed coriander 1/2 tsp. white pepper (even that is strong) Dash each of ground cumin, garam masala … Read More