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Each class of Radha’s Kitchen offers up a plethora of cooking ideas, an examination of style and innovation in preparing dishes, and new techniques, for the beginner and amateur cook alike. Our classes are vegetarian, vegan and raw – a braiding together of the three healthiest patterns of eating.

Polenta Corn Meal wth Cilantro

“Hobbit a Second Breakfast?!”

Raw, Alkaline, Vegan, and Vegetarian Mid-Day Meals from Around Middle Earth Our Breakfast class is one of the most popular we offer at Frodo and Radha’s kitchen. Now, in honor of all you Hobbits out there in the Shire of Costa Rica, we are offering … Read More

Mexican Mediterranean Rose Cooking Class

The Mexican Mediterranean Rose — Radha’s Kitchen Cooking Intensive

Why a rose? A rose never asks why, but we do. The rose is a symbol of the perfection of beauty, as well as its essence, in its rich scent that seduces all beings who inhale it. At the heart of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines lies the rose, … Read More

Peanut Pie

Tropical Harvest Thanks-Giving Course: November 13, 2010

In this class we will learn: the simple art of making a delicious coconut cake; new variations on plantains, yucca and chayote; how to make Johnny cake (journey cake), coconut based dishes, and the most exquisite thanks-giving inspired plates of all time – Northern Hemisphere … Read More