About Radha

The Indian goddess named Radha is the archetype of divine love, the original mistress of organic spices, the sublime seductress whose magical culinary arts raise man from the animal level to that of an avatar. She is irresistible even to the incarnation of the Supreme Self, Krishna, through her purity, her devotion, and the radiant beauty of her inner light. She is a model of the eternal Feminine, flowing effortlessly in the dance of desire between man and woman, soul and God, forever ravished in the rapture of Oneness with the Absolute.Every ashram has a vegetarian kitchen and every kitchen should be an ashram: a place of serenity, joy, gratitude, and sharing.

In Radha’s Kitchen we learn to infuse every molecule of vegetarian food with divine love…Radha’s Kitchen is a culinary energy field, an aura of loveful vibrations. We learn to cook in a meditative state, filling our food with the radiance of liberated, loving consciousness…that is the ultimate secret of sublime gourmet cuisine.

Come join Radha in her kitchen (in Escazú, Costa Rica) and you too can become a goddess of vegetarian culinary delight.

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